Hasta Hakları Bildirimi
Anyone who applies to a Health Institution to receive health care;
1. General use of the service:
To benefit from activities and preventive health services aimed at promoting a healthy life within the framework of the principles of justice and equity,
2. Access to service in equality:
To receive service regardless of race, language, religion and sect, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, economic and social status,
3. Information:
To learn what all kinds of services and opportunities are,
4. Selecting and changing the organization:
To choose and change the health institution and to benefit from the health services provided in the chosen health institution,
5. Recognition, selection and replacement of personnel:
To learn, select and change the identities, duties and titles of the doctors and other personnel who will provide or provide health services,
6. Requesting Information:
To request all kinds of information about the health status verbally or in writing,
7. Privacy:
To receive all kinds of health services in an environment that is suitable for confidentiality,
8. Consent and Consent:
Obtaining consent in medical interventions and benefiting from the service within the framework of consent,
9. Rejection and suspension:
Refusing the treatment and asking for it to be stopped,
10. Security:
To receive health care in a safe environment,
11. To be able to fulfill one's religious duties:
To fulfill his religious duties within the scope of the possibilities of the organization and within the framework of the measures taken by the administration,
12. To be respected:
Receiving good-humored, gentle, compassionate health care with respect, care and attention,
13. Comfort:
To receive health services in an environment where all kinds of hygienic conditions are provided and all noisy and disturbing factors are eliminated,
14th Visit:
To accept visitors in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by institutions and organizations,
15. Having a companion:
To request to have a companion within the limits of the legislation, health institutions and organizations and if the physician deems it appropriate,
16. Right of application, complaint and lawsuit:
In case of violation of their rights, to use all kinds of applications, complaints and lawsuits within the framework of the legislation,
17. Continuous service:
As long as necessary, he has the right to benefit from health services.
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